Pizzeria di Camden is an established eatery situated right in the heart of Camden, North West London, delivering the best Neapolitan pizza to its community.

As locals for the past ten years, we’ve watched Camden develop and grow, so we too want to actively support our community that has been our home for so long. Inspired by our enduring love affair with Neapolitan cuisine, we decided to open a pizzeria in Camden so that we could share with everyone in the area the passion and respect we have towards all things pizza.

Our complete obsession with pizza took us to Naples where we studied and worked in various restaurants, so that we could fully appreciate 300 years worth of pizza-making tradition. These Neapolitan methods that we’ve adopted into our own, are the healthiest and most authentic way of celebrating and giving life to a cuisine steeped in cultural heritage. That’s why Pizzeria di Camden is all about high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients, paired with nothing but deliciousness for our community that deserves the best Neapolitan pizza.

We live for good quality produce so not only have we selected products that are responsibly cultivated in Campania (Italy) which are D.O.P government protected, we too support Camden businesses and outreach programs. By sourcing vegetables organically where we can from local suppliers, and contributing to community services, we aim to give back to the people of Camden by serving them “the sun on their plate”.

Pizzeria di Camden

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